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Our Business

JR Electrical is part of the J&R McCue Industries Group which includes JR Fire, JR Switchboards, JR Lighting Controls and Automation, incorporated and commenced trading in November 1981.

Since then the directors have successfully developed the company by good management coupled with skilled performance. JR is an active member of NECA since 1987 and corporate member of FPAA – Fire Protection Assoc. Australia.

With all projects that JR undertakes, it is the stated intention to procure ongoing services by providing quality, at realistic prices, on time and with no conflict.

JR’s greatest strength over its over its 40 year history has been its ability learn new skills to meet clients needs and in-turn secure long-term relationships with many of its clients. Because of its customer base JR has an extremely stable and experienced staff complement. Most employees have completed apprenticeships with JR and continued to have 10-15 years service records.

JR has a proven and very capable skilled workforce, JR operate our own plant and equipment including trucks, excavators, high access equipment and specialised electrical/civil plant, JR is a proven contractor with client project certifications available.

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Our Team

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Chris Shore

General Manager

Since coming onboard with JR 23 years ago, Chris has been the heartbeat of this company. In charge of overseeing daily business activities and developing strategic plans, his initiative and forward planning has turned JR Electrical in to the well respected company it is today.

Dan Myers

Construction Manager

Dan is one of JR Electricals longest serving team members. Having started his apprenticeship with us, and being a natural leader, he has risen to the level of construction manager and is in charge of overseeing all project management and ensuring that the company is consistently delivering quality outcomes for all of our clients.

Paul Smith

Design Manager / Estimator

Being technically minded and having an interest in being at the forefront of electrical innovation, Paul is a natural fit for leading JR Electricals design team. As estimator/design manager, he looks after projects from initial project conception and tendering, through to value management and design to finally handing off to our project management team.

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Brian Galvin

WHS / Business Services Manager

Health and safety forms a huge part of our focus at JR Electrical so it makes sense that we employ a highly competent person to manage all of our safety systems from creation to implementation and auditing. Brian also looks are many of our other business services such as material procurement and fleet management

Who we are: Team Members
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