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What we do: Services

Our Services

What We Provide

Blueprint Design

Design & Engineering Services

JR Electrical complete all of our designs with client expectations, quality and safety in our minds.

We have in house engineering services and that gives us a lot of flexibility and capability to allow us to produce quality, thorough designs in a quick, timely manner.

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Switchboard Design, Manufacture & Installation

With a fully equipped in-house switchboard manufacturing workshop, JR Electrical has all the knowledge and tools to be able to design, manufacture and install all types of custom switchboards from simple distribution boards all the way through to large scale custom main switchboards with automatic transfer switches, motorised breakers and MCC's.

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for our clients.

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JR Electrical specialises in finding out our clients needs and expectations and tailoring the perfect lighting solution for any situation. With in-house engineering we can 3D render and provide visual plans to ensure the end result is amazing.

We have capabilities to supply and install DALI, Cbus, KNX and circadian rhythm solutions for your project. We can also provide complete value engineered solutions to give our clients even more cost-effective options.

What we do: Services
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Communications Services

With constantly emerging technology and the importance of fast & reliable data in todays world, We strive to deliver high quality communications systems that meet our clients needs while using industry best practices.

We have the capability to manage and deliver NBN Pathways, both copper and fibre backbone and horizontal cabling, equipment racks, fibre pathways, MDF voice services and much more.

JR Electrical are fully accredited to give lifetime warranty on leading communications proprietary systems. 

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Power Services

JR Electrical can design & install a wide range of power services which include but not limited to the following:
- Consumer and submains cabling
- Single & Three phase final subcircuits
- Power factor correction
- UPS backup power systems
- Backup generator services
- Comprehensive compliance and certification testing

Fire Alarm

Fire Detection Systems

We have highly trained staff with a vast amount of experience in supplying, installing and programming integrated fire systems for both new & old buildings. 

Whether you need a basic system or a large multi story building we can provide:

- Networked Fire Detection Systems

- EWIS & BOWS Warning Systems

- Integrations between lighting, nurse call, security and other systems

- All of your maintenance & Monitoring needs

What we do: Services
Image by Miłosz Klinowski

Access Control & CCTV Systems

We offer our clients a fully customised Access control & intruder detection to suit whatever needs you may have. We also provide complete CCTV options as part of this package

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MATV & PTV Systems

Custom & Fully designed systems to suit our clients needs. We provide MATV & Pay TV (Foxtel) solutions to suit any situation and any building size including fibre optic backbone cabling with options for in-house modulated channels.

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